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Global Warming Trend, Antwerp

Global Warming Trend
Month All-Time Avg Current Monthly Avg Difference
January %avtempjan%°C %avtempjannow%°C 0°C 
February %avtempfeb%°C %avtempfebnow%°C 0°C 
March %avtempmar%°C %avtempmarnow%°C 0°C 
April %avtempapr%°C %avtempaprnow%°C 0°C 
May %avtempmay%°C %avtempmaynow%°C 0°C 
June %avtempjun%°C %avtempjunnow%°C 0°C 
July %avtempjul%°C %avtempjulnow%°C 0°C 
August %avtempaug%°C %avtempaugnow%°C 0°C 
September %avtempsep%°C %avtempsepnow%°C 0°C 
October %avtempoct%°C %avtempoctnow%°C 0°C 
November %avtempnov%°C %avtempnovnow%°C 0°C 
December %avtempdec%°C %avtempdecnow%°C 0°C 
Totals 0°C 0°C 0°C 
Average Annual All-Time Temperature: 0°C
Average 12 Month Temperature: 0°C
Current 12 Month Temperature Trend: 0°C 

Yearly Temperature Chart

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Yearly Rainfall Chart

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